Exclusive Australian Distributor for La Maison & Velier



Luca Gargano of Velier is a renowned rum advocate and guardian of authentic rum, with the belief that great rum is tropical aged with no added sugar.

In 1983, Gargano acquired shares in Velier and under his influence the company began to specialise in the importation of exceptional distillates from the Caribbean and abroad, such as the legendary stock of St James Rum from 1885, and the famed shuttered Caroni Rum Distillery (Trinidad), closed forever in 2002.

Since then these selections have multiplied and led to the emergence of exceptional ranges, including limited Caroni releases, Velier Royal Navy rum, Habitation Velier 100% Pot Still Rums, Hampden Estate ‘high ester’ Jamaican Rum, Clairin – Spirit of Haiti, and rare Foursquare collaborative releases.

We are proud to announce that the full La Maison & Velier range is now available in Australia exclusively through East Coast Liquor.

Our Vision

East Coast Liquor’s main focus has been to source a diverse range of premium and authentic spirits from Australia, Europe and the Caribbean, putting them in the hands of fine establishments across the east coast of Australia.

The vision of the company is to educate and introduce our customers to previously unattainable high quality spirits and to allow them to enjoy the diverse range of premium and authentic styles and flavour profiles that the East Coast Liquor team and their advisers have experienced 1st-hand.

In line with this vision, East Coast Liquor have become the exclusive national importer and distributor of La Maison & Velier rums in Australia, and continue to wholesale a range of premium spirits and liqueurs that align with our vision.


East Coast Liquor operate their headquarters in Newcastle NSW Australia (about 1.5 hours north of Sydney), with warehousing facilities in Sydney.